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SJTU Sewerage Treatment

Shanghai Jiao Tong University Sewerage Treatment System (SJTU STP)
The SJTU Sewerage treatment system employs the latest technologies developed by Shanghai Jiao Tong University and is integrated and streamlined to produce an efficient and cost effective sewerage treatment system.
Flowchart of SJTU Sewerage Treatment System

First, the sewerage is treated by "High-speed magnetic flocculation system" (herein after mentioned as: Part-A) to remove turbid substances from wastewater and then treated by the "Efficient Immobilization Treatment System" to remove BOD/COD, ammonia nitrogen and total nitrogen (herein after mentioned as: Part B). After going through both processes, effluent quality can reach Standard A.
About the SJTU Sewerage Treatment System

The SJTU sewerage treatment system has unique advantages over the conventional sewerage treatment method:
  • Smaller footprint of Sewerage Treatment Plant – typically occupy 20% of land area compared to conventional system.
  • Land saved for more usable development, which will increase Gross Development Value and profitability of the project.
  • Low sludge generated which is about 10% of normal system.
  • Ease of operation and less human involvement.
  • Treated water is available for reuse economically for other purposes.
  • Environmental-friendly matching Green Building Index and water recycling criteria.
The SJTU sewerage treatment uses BioAX System to perform the task, and the results are as follows:
  • An advanced aerobic system, with higher organic volumetric loading capacity than conventional activated sludge process.
  • Good performance of treatment for sewerage, industrial organic waste and biological waste.
  • Quality of treated water meets reuse standard.
  • Does not require returned sludge, thus reduces sludge quantity and handling cost.
  • Significantly reduces land area required compared to conventional wastewater treatment plant.
Discharge Quality of SJTU System

Independent Third Party Review Report by Unit Perundingan Universiti Malaya (UPUM)

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