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POME Treatment system

The oil palm industry has been constantly plagued by bad publicity for the amount of pollution to the environment. Due to this, the oil palm industry faces tremendous pressure to meet the international sustainability standards. Without adhering to the global standards of sustainability, the palm oil industry will face a steady decline of acceptance by developed countries such as United States and the European Union.

The new stringent discharge standards of 20ppm BOD for the palm oil mill effluent (POME) is the latest measure by the government to regulate the pollution caused by the industry and to silent the critics of the palm oil industry. However, the palm oil millers have found it hard to consistently reach this new discharge standard. In view of this, Ronser and Shanghai Jiao Tong University designed and built a treatment system that seeks to overcome the lack of consistency in achieving a POME discharge of BOD 20ppm. In the Ronser’s BOD 20ppm system, the influent is taken from the existing final discharged pond.

Flow Chart of the BOD 20ppm Treatment System

On the other hand, Ronser’s POME Zero Discharge system treats the raw POME to clean water while recovering valuable minerals and biogas in the process. Ronser will be able to come up with customized designs for our customers depending on their different needs and requirements. Ronser’s POME treatment system has been endorsed by the Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB).

Flow chart of the Zero Discharge System
Advantages For Millers & refineries
  • Meeting standard A DOE requirement of BOD 20ppm
  • Meeting RSPO initiative
  • Biogas recovery
  • Minerals recovery
  • Endorsed by MPOB
  • Water Recovery
  • Smaller footprint/land saving
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