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Vision and Mission

Our Vision
To be a leading regional wastewater treatment technologies innovator and integrated wastewater management solutions provider (The Aspiration)

Our Mission
  • Make continuous efforts to improve environmental performance through Ronser products, services and activities. (Product & Services)
  • Provides innovative solutions to our customers with high quality, cost effective wastewater treatment system for better resource recovery. (Sustainable value proposition)
  • Encourage care and respect towards our customers by ensuring that every employee works with a focus on performance through appropriate operating procedures, training, development and commitment to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction. (Customer Service & Professionalism)
  • Focusing on continuous innovation both in technology, human capital development and operating system in the field of wastewater management that meet environmental needs. (Innovation Focus)
  • To share our experience and expertise through collaborative Smart Business Partnerships, both with public and private sector. (Collaboration)
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