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Mass Biosystem (MBS)


Ronser is the sole distributor for the Mass Biosystem (MBS) technology. The MBS technology is a technology that is able to reduce the ammonia level in water and waste water up to 1 ppm, a world standard.

MBS is a biological product. The functional bacteria (nitrosomonas and nitrobacter) are mixed with poison free polymers at proper ratio and fixed inside the web structure of polymer molecular chains by adding cross linking agents. The polymers selected possess high biological, chemical and mechanical stability.

The 3D Nano-scale structure of polymer chain makes mass transfer easier between the bulk liquid and the cells within it – makes it highly efficient. The structure also facilitates the proliferation of microbes and stimulation of their activity. In most cases, the pellets are shaped into 3x3x3mm3 pellets. The density of the pellets is similar to water.

Research has also shown that even with a fluctuating ammonia concentration in the influent, the amount of ammonia in the effluent still remains below 0.5ppm.

Advantages and applications

  • Highly efficient in removing ammonia and nitrite from water and waste water.
  • Has a life span of ≥ 5 years.
  • Has wide application:
    • Sewage treatment
    • Pig farms
    • Leachate waste water treatment
    • Fertilizer factory waste water treatment
    • Brewery factory waste water treatment
    • Other industries where ammonia is released in a high concentration in its waste water.
    • Marine aquaculture
    • Fresh water aquaculture
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