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Bio-Fortification Ecological Dam (SWED)

SWED is a new technology specially designed for ecological restoration of lakes, rivers, water bodies and pollution control and is jointly researched and developed by Kyushu University, Japan and Shanghai Jiaotong University, China.

SWED combines physical, chemical and biological treatment of river water pollution and applies landscape to the project. The technical system is constituted by plant floating bed assembled with plant - microbial membranes - fish grade isolation systems to separate oils, nitrogen, phosphorus and organic matter and purify water.

SWED is not a physical isolation but a separation based on environmental protection and ecology. Through the combined effects of plants absorption, microbial degradation and the effects of plankton and large aquatic predators to decompose or store water pollutants, water contaminants will be reduced. Water purified in the dam will not affect the river's drainage system.
SWED diagram

Project Reference

1. Suzhou YangCheng Lake

2. Wenzhou, Zhejiang, Qingshan River

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