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AnaEG® BioAXBio-Fortification Ecological Dam (SWED)Mass Biosystem (MBS)


BioAX Technology is also designed and patented by Professor Zhang Zhenjia. It is an advanced aerobic system, similar to the attached growth process, but is faster and more efficient than the conventional activated sludge process. It has been successfully used for treatment of domestic waste (sewage) and various types of industrial organic and biological waste. BioAX is also the world’s first high efficiency system which allows treated water to reach the requirements of reuse water.

It has a significantly higher volumetric organic loading capacity compared to the conventional suspended growth process such as activated sludge process.

Unlike conventional activated sludge process, BioAX does not require returned sludge. This has significantly simplified the operation process of the aerobic treatment plant. The technology also substantially reduces the sludge quantity and thus reduces the sludge handling cost. BioAX technology also significantly reduces the land area occupied by the waste water treatment plant.

Innovative Design

Uses highly efficient microbial species which are capable of degrading compounds such as PVA, which are hardly degraded by normal microbes. BioAX system includes specially designed plastic packing installed at aeration tanks which contains high concentration of microorganisms used for the aerobic attached growth process. This enhances the removal of organic matters in wastewater.

It is a specially designed aeration system that ensures proper flow of wastewater without any short-circuit.

Key Benefits
  • High capacity for organic loading.
  • Effectively removes organic contents (middle to high COD values) in wastewater, reducing COD level to low - middle values.
  • Reduction in required land area.
  • Produces significantly less sludge; lower sludge management cost.
  • Consumes appreciably less energy with more effective aeration system.
  • Superior reproduction rate; does not require return sludge.
  • Durable aeration system; easy maintenance and can be easily replaced.

  • Sewage treatment.
  • Post-AnaEG® aerobic process.
  • Any industry that generates low to medium organic or biological waste contents.
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